Tap Series On-line Food Safety Training Programs



TAP Series Food Safety Manager Certification is the nations most widely accepted online sanitation course. It is offered in both English and Spanish, and during formal studies has successfully trained people with educational backgrounds ranging from advanced degrees to the functionally illiterate.


The Food Safety Manager Certification course prepares a student to pass any of the Conference for Food Protection recognized examinations.  The certificate is recognized by the American Culinary Federation, American Hotel and Lodging Association and Certifying Board of Dietary Managers and carries their logos.


The full TAP Series Food Safety Manager Certification course offers our no cost retraining warranty when study guidelines are followed.  See http://www.tapseries.com/pas_flierv4.pdf

We have over 1,200 testing centers nationwide where students can take the examination.


National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) is the association of city, county, state and federal sanitation regulators. As you will see NEHA has established a long list of criteria for rating a program. We are informed that rating review members are assigned programs to review and only members are allowed to be reviewers. This is to keep the process as free of bias as possible. Though we are very pleased that of the four levels of rating we received the highest, "Highly Recommended", I believe the detailed report of how this rating was achieved can be valuable information for any organization involved in its own review process of our Food Safety Manager Certification course. You can see the NEHA report at http://www.foodsafetyweb.info/NEHA/Reviews/List.asp. See "Training Achievement Program Series" (TAP Series).

If you are interested in this online food safety training program or would like more  information, please contact Safe Food Handlers at 1-888-793-5136 or send an E-mail to sfhcorp@aol.com.






Ron Thomas , CEO

Safe Food Handlers Corporation